Photo by 2010 Eighty Eighty-Four
Photo by 2010 Eighty Eighty-Four

Hi, thanks for stopping by.

My name is Matthew Fier, and if I don’t become a Very Special Agent then I’ll be living my Gatsby Life working security ops for a tech company it’s taken me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do. I’m attempting graduate school for the third time (M.S. Marketing Intelligence) and I’m living in the Big Apple trying to become a regular.

If you came here because you know me, I guess I owe you a drink. Ladies, I am single – so check me out herehere, and here (and feel free to reach out). If you don’t know me and you saw a shared post or I came up on the Google machine, welcome! It’s my pleasure to have you.

A little bit about me:

Matthew C. Fier is a graduate of Biola University where he attained his B.A. in Psychology, almost got a minor in Public Relations, and ended up with a minor in Biblical Studies. He is currently a Graduate Student at Fordham University in Manhattan pursuing an M.S. in Marketing Intelligence.

Originally born in Seoul, South Korea, he was then adopted as a baby (no, he doesn’t speak Korean) and grew up in Portland, Oregon where he felt the shame of not being able to grow a great beard. He then moved to Southern California because, well, sun and babes.

Since 2013, I’ve been lucky (or cursed) enough to live in the Rust Belt: Chicago (the exception), Detroit, Cleveland, and then Erie. Now I’m in the Big Apple trying to do my part. I worked for a non-prof and then a financial service company, both of which are ranked by Fortune on different “important” lists. I’ve worked/lived/played in the poorest of poor with inner-city kids, and been courtside with executives while watching the Cavs before LeBron 2.0.

This blog was to tie up loose ends open up my creativity and help me commit to posting my thoughts to the internet. I used to write over here, but over time the blog felt rough, outdated, and didn’t represent who I am or how I think. I’m not old and certainly not the wisest, but my experiences as a middle-class kid who then would become the “Prodigal Son” by many measures (according to my friends in the Bible Belt) have led to a perspective of listening first. This blog is the result of those times listening (and learning, growing, drinking).

I can’t emphasize two things enough:

  1. THANK YOU for taking the time to come to my page, it’s a privilege, honor, and very humbling to have anyone read anything online these days. And I’m wordy, I know.
  1. This is a HATE-FREE zone. I’ve found *most* of the time, when people argue or troll, they have zero actual perspective but a whole lot of opinion. They usually haven’t traveled much, lived anywhere but one or two towns, and don’t interact with people they don’t understand. OK, mostly hate-free zone. That being said, I don’t bother with comments. You can contact me and we can converse on any subject, but I refuse to do it in the way that’s become status-quo. HATERADE FREE.

Again, thank you, you have all my love. If I ever come to your city (or you want to invite me to kick it with you), first rounds on me and I love hearing your stories. After all, this blog isn’t just about me and my thoughts, it’s about finding the Renaissance in all of us.


Matthew Fier