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Finding Renaissance

The Renaissance is cherished as a turning point in human history, jettisoning man from the Middle Ages to the Modern Era. Out of it came some of the greatest artists and pieces of innovation our world has ever seen. From Michelangelo to da Vinci, Donatello to Copernicus; the world would never be left the same. The “Renaissance Man” (or woman) is a term usually given two meanings: either someone is extremely talented in a multifaceted collection of skills, or as the old adage goes (disputably said by Ben Franklin), “Jack of all trades, master of none!”

So why Finding Renaissance? The term Renaissance Man was first implanted into my thoughts from my dad (thanks for the hat tip, Tim). A quarter-century – and counting – of life has taught me that everyone has tales, skills, experiences, and perspectives. Their identity is more than just their name, family, or work. It encompasses their complete being, where all of their experiences, traits, tales, and skills combine into a beautiful structure.

The idea of Finding Renaissance is really that we already know where it is: it’s in all of us. It’s who you are when you simply think as you do life. It’s expressing those things that shows who you are, and that’s where Finding Renaissance comes in.

I’ve traveled over 150,000 miles since 2008. From road trips to work trips, cross-country and across the globe, I’ve been blessed to meet people from all avenues of life…from the C-Suites to the back alleys. I’ve found that beauty is truly within all of us. This blog is my output of all of you. My thoughts, opinions, actions, and being are now encased with my experiences with everyone I’ve come across (good, bad or terrifying).

Sometimes, I’ll post my direct experiences here; other times, it’ll be my composite thoughts on how I’m trying to become a better person because of you. Either way, I hope this blog becomes a way for you to soul-search, ask questions, and find answers (from above, within yourself, or even me!).

Thank you for joining me,

Matthew Fier

Author, Finding Renaissance