Morgan Johnson: Faith, Love, Art

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Photo courtesy of Morgan Johnson
Every now and then, you meet people who are total life-changers. They are the ones you almost hate to love because they are loved by everyone for the right reasons. Whether it is their warm and engaging personality that make everyone in the room feel loved, their ability to connect with individuals of all backgrounds and cultures, or their contagious big-dream, ‘get-it-done’ attitude. 
One of my core motivations for starting Finding Renaissance was to highlight individuals who are game changers…people who immediately affect your life and embrace themselves for who they are. I’m a firm believer that we should own who we are and strive to become “more human” and complete every single day. The next few posts will highlight amazing individuals I’ve met through my travels and stays in different cities.



I met Morgan in Los Angeles, California back in 2012. When we met, she was a freshman playing intramural football on my team’s fiercest rival. After a few minutes, I realized that Morgan was wise beyond her years and deeply passionate about authentic connections.

Fast forward to 2017, and I’ve seen Morgan take that passion about life and people and turn it into beautiful art. She has worked on multiple pieces, from visual works to video projects. We are lucky that Morgan was willing to take some time and write a post about her art, life, and what drives her to become a Renaissance Woman every single day.

Finding Renaissance: Morgan Johnson

PC: Maylin Rowe

Name: Morgan Johnson

Instagram: @morganjohnsonart, @yesitsmojo

Website: Morgan Johnson Art

University/Area of Study: Biola University, B.A. Communications

Occupation/Company: Art Teacher, Artist-Double Loves Designs

Hometown: Jackson, CA

Current Location: Newport Beach, CA

Favorite Things

Restaurant/Food: Cafe Rio, Mexican food

Coffee: Latte

Libation: Coffee always

Color: Blue

Hobby: Hiking and art

TV Show/Movie: This is Us, Star Wars Series

Clothing Line: Anything from Urban Outfitters

Artist: I have too many favorite visual artists, but music artist? Jon Bellion

Music: Chill pop

Author: Francine Rivers

Even though we briefly met (during intramural flag football), the thing that stuck out to me the most was that even as a freshman, you were intently authentic in our conversation. It was obvious that you deeply cared about every interaction and wanted to have a real, deep, human connection. Fast forward, and I’ve seen you and your art grow in the same sense: deeply authentic, intimate, and vulnerable.


What is your inspiration in life and what drives you in your passions?

To be honest, to name my inspiration in my life would fill a book, but my main drive to do anything is to do everything for the glory of God. I obviously fail at that almost every day, but it is what I constantly hope for as my main reason for anything I do. As an artist, I have a platform where I can openly share how God has worked in my life and how He has worked in the lives of others and art allows for me to seek after and dive into other people’s stories.

People are a big inspiration to me. It is the main reason as to why I chose Communications as my major. People are intriguing to say the least. There is a reason behind every one of their actions based on their own past experiences and future goals. To get to know who someone is constantly helps me to look outside of my own world. Hearing who other people are no matter what religion or worldview is beneficial not only to me personally as an individual, but also to allowing my creativity to constantly thrive. I do not only have my own story to work off of as inspiration, but I have the stories of others.

“Vulnerability is a huge aspect of my art.”

PC: Margaret Fink

Vulnerability is a huge aspect of my art. I strive to be open with others about my flaws and how God has worked in me in hard times. I strive to be open about these things in order for people of all different backgrounds to be more willing to be open about themselves. I have heard the stereotype that people of the Christian faith think of themselves as better than everyone else and I really want to break that idea by sharing my story and how I am not at all perfect. God has loved me even with the flaws and I want others to realize they also have access to that love.


“God has loved me even with the flaws and I want others to realize they also have access to that love.”

I used to think I would never pursue art as a full-time job. I didn’t think it was a realistic dream. Until one day I decided to put God in my art and all of a sudden my art took off and so did my passion for it. I was never an open person until God pointed me to use art as my outlet for vulnerability.

The journey of my art has been healing in many different ways and I hope that I can use my art to bring healing to others.

Morgan’s art is driven by her faith, passion for people, and life experience.

Photo courtesy of Morgan Johnson


“I strive to be open about these things in order for people of all different backgrounds to be more willing to be open about themselves.”

Photo courtesy of Morgan Johnson


Finger painting. #timelapse #doublelovesdesigns

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We found a random bed of flowers just sitting on the side of the road so we laid in it. It was cool. #truestory

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