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From Hater to Believer

Jaydee (Right) poses with her husband, Jordy
Jaydee (Right) poses with her husband, Jordy, at their wedding.

I had hated the Essential Oils movement since, oh, before you were born. Until I tried them. I will write a post about the data I have on my own health improvements another day, but know that since I started using oils a few weeks back, I’ve slept better, cleaned my apartment holistically, had much better results on acne breakouts, and felt the power of lavender.

A long-time friend (who is a self-identified science nerd) got into them a few months back, and I’ve reluctantly witnessed her posts of transformation and wondered if it would work for me. I shot her a text, and next thing you know, I became a believer.

So here’s a old-school Q&A I did with Jaydee Romick, a Doctorate Candidate at George Fox University. Romick was also one of my best friends in high school, a world-champion softball player (CATBALL!), wise beyond her years, and married to one of the best men I know (shout out to Jordy).

  1. So, first things first. I tell people that I wasn’t a believer until you started in Essential Oils. Other than being awesome in general, you’re also very thorough. For those that don’t know you, what’s your background in health and medicine?

I am honored that you put your trust in me! I got my Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science with a Minor in Biology from Linfield College in McMinnville, OR. I am currently pursuing my Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from George Fox University in Newberg, OR.

I’ve always been a lover of science and am very interested in pursuing preventative care when I venture into the workforce. I’ve worked various health fairs, gone on a medical mission to Kenya, conducted research on the effects of exercise on body composition and blood glucose, and worked as a physical therapy aid at a hospital here in Oregon. Along with my own curiosity and research through various medical journals, my experience is ever growing!

  1. There’s a LOT of misconceptions on what Essential Oils are and what they do. So what ARE Essential Oils (EOs)?

To keep it pretty basic (I’m currently working on a website to tell people more about the biological effects), essential oils are the “essence” of a plant. They are volatile, aromatic oils obtained by a steam or distillation process. Some oils are cold-pressed (various citrus fruit peels) and are also classified as EOs.  Many non-volatile oils you see and use are also cold-pressed (olive, almond, grape seed, coconut, etc.), but have different molecular makeup and are classified as “carrier oils”.

EOs were created to provide specific functions for their plant, including (but not limited to):

– Protect from animals and insects

– Provide nutrients

– Attract pollinators and dispersal agents

– Participate in allelopathy to kill competing vegetation

– Exhibit antifungal and antibacterial properties

Each EO has a specific organic chemistry or molecular structure that ties to its function. Functions that have been shown to work in our bodies because they are God-made, from the Earth, and process organically with the cells of our body system!

  1. Jaydee uses EOs to create homemade remedies, such as Facewash
    Jaydee uses EOs to create homemade remedies, such as Facewash

    I know you are someone who is passionate about proof, science, and facts – can you expand on your journey into EOs and what convinced you?

One of my very best friends, Kari Lewis, used EOs for about a year before I was even curious to ask about them. To me, they were only used for aromatherapy (which I’ve learned is powerful in itself!) and in DIY projects to make pretty smelling items for your home.

Only after doing my own research in the biological mechanism of action, did I find out how truly incredible they are! The organic chemistry makes each oil unique and provide a specific function in and around our bodies. Not to mention the products we use and consume on a daily basis are ridden with toxic chemicals that ultimately harm our bodies and make us sick.

  1. How exactly do the oils work? Is it magic?

Because of the chemistry and composition of oils, they can diffuse into the cells of our bodies very easily, and quickly! Our cells are made of a phospholipid bilayer, which is hydrophobic (or water “fearing”), so it doesn’t mix well with water! Well, neither do oils.

In a study by the University of Vienna, researchers tracked lavender in the bloodstream when applied topically, and it made it to full saturation within 20 minutes. Essentially, the oils can diffuse into our cells very easily, and based on the unique body system or receptors on our cells, some oils work better than others or in multiple systems. So even if it doesn’t feel like oils are “working”, they still are! They can even detect, based on their unique organic chemistry, pathogens or bad cells in our bodies and destroy them.

  1. Young Living products carry no additives. (Photo: The Happy Oilers)
    Young Living products carry no additives. (Photo: The Happy Oilers)

    Obviously you use oils and work with a lot of people who use them – what are some successes have you seen in your own life and in others?

What my husband and I initially wanted to try was blend of lavender, peppermint, and lemon to help enjoy the outdoors in the springtime. As skeptical as I was, it worked like a charm. When we started to feel symptoms coming on, we diffused the oils overnight and started to feel exponentially better.

Since then, I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research about the various uses of oils, and ALWAYS encourage others to do the same. There are a lot of opinion based articles out there and people who are not using actual scientific literature, so make sure you find valid research.

  1. Young Living Starter Kits are a great way to get started on improving your well-being. (Photo: The Happy Oilers)
    Young Living Starter Kits are a great way to get started on improving your well-being. (Photo: The Happy Oilers)

    Okay, so some people out there are like me and are ready to jump into this oil-world. How can they do that?

I am a part of a huge group called The Happy Oilers which is full of people who have ENDLESS success stories with oils. I could be here all day talking about each one, but let’s just say we aren’t just “drinking the Kool-Aid” – we are seeing tangible and quantitative results.

If anyone wants to join, they can contact you or myself and we would be more than happy to guide them through. They can sign up with their favorite **Happy Oiler (hopefully you, Matt!) by going to Young Living’s website and joining today!

** To be compliant with the FTC: I do not receive any direct financial compensation nor gifts deriving of any value for hosting this Q&A. If you choose to make one of the best decisions of your health-concious life and join Young Living and The Happy Oilers through me, there is a potential for commission. Thank you 🙂

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